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  • Teamwork at car rentals

    Date: 2010.08.09 | Category: Travel | Response: 0

    This is my first post. I was debating with myself whether I should write about traveling or designing information systems, both of my passions. I think I’ll just start writing whatever I find interesting or worth writing about so I might end up with a geeky travel-slash-design blog. We will see.

    A couple of months ago, when I last rented a car I needed to make up a half-true story about how my 80 year old grandma and grandpa were waiting for me standing in the middle of a storm – in order to avoid the 2.5 hour line at Avis. Half of the story was true – I was in fact going to visit my grandparents. However, I couldn’t help feeling a bit guilty because there was no storm and they were waiting for us comfortably at home… while I skipped over dozens of people waiting patiently (and some impatiently) to get their car.

    Last week I rented a car at Payless and decided to try a different guilt-light way. I assumed that if Avis had a 2.5 hour line, I was going to have to wait at Payless at least 4 hours. So I decided to do a little teamwork strategy with my husband. I went ahead to rent the car while he waited for the suitcases at the pickup belt.

    There was NO LINE at Payless and got my car immediately! After I got in people started lining up and when my husband finally showed up with the suitcases there were about 40 people in line and 30 more coming down from the shuttle! So, next time you’re traveling light with a +1 and are renting a car you might want to explore the possibility of doing a little teamwork at the car rental 🙂

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